Mission Education 2004
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The Itinerary



18 June 2004

Arrive in the UK

20 June 2004

With John & Janet Longhurst until 21st June

26 June 2004

End of term events DCPS

29 June 2004


30 June 2004

251 Debrief Visit



2 July 2004

End of term - DCPS

3 July 2004

End of term - DCPS

4 July 2004

End of term - DCPS

7 July 2004

Special Visit - Archbishop of Canterbury's Reception

for Overseas Visitors and Mission Partners

11 July 2004

Rachel away on CMF Refresher Course 5/7-16/7

18 July 2004

Rachel away on CMF Refresher Course 5/7-16/7



21 August 2004

St Nicholas (First day of 8 days - Week Away)

28 August 2004

St Nicholas (Last day of 8 days - Week Away)



1 September 2004

DCPS Michaelmas Term Starts

5 September 2004

Christ Church, Dartford (family service) Contact David Kitley

12 September 2004

St Andrews, South Shoebury

19 September 2004


26 September 2004

St. Margaret’s, Angmering



3 October 2004

St Nicholas extended visit beg.  Sat 02/10 - Tuesday 5/10)

10 October 2004

Mount Zion Evangelical Church, Redbourn

17 October 2004

Christ Church, Bromley

24 October 2004

Half Term

31 October 2004

Half Term



7 November 2004

Christ Church, Bedford (extended visit beg. Tues 2/11, incl Sunday)

14 November 2004


21 November 2004


28 November 2004

St Mary’s, Reigate



5 December 2004

Whitefoot Christian Centre



17 January 2005

Departing UK

2008 Materials

Back 2 the future

Back 2 the future (Rochester)

Children's talk

St. Mary's 10:45am

St. Mary's Children's Talk

  Mission Education 2004

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